Magor Net Zero Community Benefit workshop, 26th April 2023

The Magor Net Zero project team held a Community Benefit workshop on Wednesday 26th April at Magor Baptist Church. Attendees included community representatives from the various host and neighbouring councils including Monmouthshire County Council, Magor and Undy Town Council, Redwick Community Council, and Bishton Community Council. We were pleased to partake in informative discussions about how the proposals can provide social value for local communities.

Following an informal consultation in September-October 2022, the project team have been refining the Magor Net Zero proposals with reference to the feedback received, including on community benefit. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss prospective community benefits in an open, informal forum, with representatives of the local communities.

Protium have committed to work with communities which host their green hydrogen projects and have adopted a 'community-first' approach when bringing forward the Magor Net Zero proposals. This approach includes:

  1. Building new green infrastructure which has minimal social and environmental impact;
  2. Supporting local economies and socio-economic development - investing in community wellbeing; and
  3. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and nature, whilst maintaining ecosystem resilience.

The workshop itself was organised in accordance with Protium's commitment to involving local communities in the development and design process, with feedback recorded to help inform the final scheme design which will be made public at the statutory consultation later in 2023.

These discussions were intended as an introduction to potential community benefits, and to receive feedback from community representatives with local knowledge of the area. We also asked councillors to provide the names of community groups which might benefit from community benefit support and look forward to involving some of these groups later in the process. Local residents will also have further chances to propose additional community benefit opportunities, including at the forthcoming statutory consultation. Key takeaways from the workshop included:

  1. Support for local schools (primary and secondary) and higher education providers (syllabus development)
  2. Environmental enhancements - onsite and offsite, net benefit for biodiversity (NBB)
  3. Importance of communication and the involvement of the local community throughout the development process
  4. Native tree planting
  5. Support for local community groups, projects, and sustainable transport

Commenting on the workshop, a member of the project team said:

"We were really happy with how the workshop ran and want to thank all those who attended for their insightful feedback. All comments received have been recorded and will be considered ahead of the statutory consultation later this year".

"Local representatives made clear to us that the project should provide tangible benefits for the neighbouring communities and that there is an opportunity for Protium to provide a green, sustainable legacy for Magor, Monmouthshire, and Wales. We are committed to working collaboratively with all citizens to ensure the delivery of social value for all communities".

The project team welcome any further suggestions on community benefit opportunities and proposals can be sent to [email protected]



We value your feedback and welcome any comments you might have on the proposed scheme. These can be returned using the form on this website.