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Magor Net Zero: Considerations on Community Benefit and Social Value 
Community is important. It shapes our everyday lives and provides a foundation for socio-economic development and prosperity. People form and maintain communities to meet common shared needs. Communities can be united by interest, action, place, practice, and circumstance to bring meaning and purpos...
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Magor Net Zero Community Benefit workshop, 26th April 2023
The Magor Net Zero project team held a Community Benefit workshop on Wednesday 26th April at Magor Baptist Church. Attendees included community representatives from the various host and neighbouring councils including Monmouthshire County Council, Magor and Undy Town Council, Redwick Community Counc...
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Magor Net Zero - Infographic
Explanatory infographic...
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Magor Net Zero Project Launch
Working with UK-based green hydrogen experts, Protium The two companies have joined forces to revolutionise the brewer's existing on-site transport and energy generation and consumption, eliminating 15,500 tonnes of CO2e per year Hydrogen infrastructure expected to produce more than 20MW of renewabl...
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